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MySQL Command Line – Setting up a new database and user

From the command line start up mySql;

mysql -u root -h localhost -p

you will be prompted to enter your root password.  Once you’re in you can go ahead and create the database;

CREATE DATABASE <data_base_name>;

BAMM- that’s your database done – you can see this by typing;

SHOW databases;

Next add a user and grant all privileges to that new database (and only that database);

GRANT ALL ON <data_base_name>
.* TO <user_name>@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';

Or, to be more specific (and secure!)

GRANT SELECT , INSERT , UPDATE , DELETE , CREATE , DROP , ALTER ON <data_base_name> . * TO <user_name>@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';

The last line you need before you can use the account is;


The website has a handy page for generating random passwords.

Note, the user created here will only have access when logging on from the local machine.  If you want a user which can logon from anywhere replace localhost with %.  Alternativly you can also specify specific ip addresses.

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A Handy CSS Debugging Snippet

Found a really handy bit of css for debugging from A Handy CSS Debugging Snippet.

* { outline: 2px dotted red }
 * * { outline: 2px dotted green }
* * * { outline: 2px dotted orange }
* * * * { outline: 2px dotted blue }
* * * * * { outline: 1px solid red }
* * * * * * { outline: 1px solid green }
* * * * * * * { outline: 1px solid orange }
* * * * * * * * { outline: 1px solid blue }

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IPhone Code Masters!

Paul Ledger and I have just setup a dedicated IPhone Development blog to post all things IPhone related as well as house the support forums for app’s we produce up at

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Web Services Debugging with Fiddler 2

We have a bunch of e-commerce web services available here and we have the envyable task of supporting numerous third party developers using a plethora of different languages, which often don’t have native support for SOAP web services, meaning they have to hand craft their SOAP calls. Seeing that we are totally dot net, we only ever interface with our services using the proxy classes generated from the WSDL files by the .net framework so when they send us reams of XML with a few question marks it’s difficult for us to diagnose the fault.

Fiddler2 Web Service SOAP Debugging

Fiddler2 Web Service SOAP Debugging

The answer I’ve found is to use Fiddler2 which is a HTTP sniffer application which monitors all your HTTP traffic and allows you to inspect whats going on. So fire up fiddler2 FIRST, then fireup your test application (which generates the web service calls), place a call and watch it being logged on fiddler.

It’s imperative that you start Fiddler FIRST though or it won’t hook in and capture your SOAP calls!

You can download Fiddler 2 from here

As you can see from the screen shot on the right, the outgoing request is shown in the top right pane, and the response in the bottom right.

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Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2003/5 and Front Page Extensions!

We recently got new machines at work with Vista installed, allowing us to use IIS7, which has the added benefit of being able to run more than one site on the local IIS (unlike our previous IIS6 Win XP boxes)

When installing the various incarnations of visual studio to enable me to support some of our legacy app’s I came across a problem when installing Visual Studio 2003. One of the pre-requisites is front page extensions which are no longer shipped with Windows in Vista- the solution was a version of the extensions made by ready to run software which is actually linked to from the Official IIS Site (the article is named “FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for IIS 7.0″ incase you have to use the site search, after another of microsoft’s random url switch around’s they’re so fond of) -you can grab the install from here :

Once you’ve run the installer, make sure you execute the following from the command line to activate them for your default website otherwise the .net installer still won’t recognise that you have them installed;

 owsadm.exe –o install 


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TomWhitson » iTunes connect tax

Found this article detailing how to setup the itunes connect tax form (W-8BEN) for a individual developer based in the UK.

TomWhitson » iTunes connect tax.

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Helicon ISAPI Rewrite rules ignored – You must save the rewrite file with ANSI encoding- NOT UTF8!!

We recently had problems with Server Rewrite rules not working when uploading a new site.  The rules had worked fine locally, on dev, but when we uploaded it wasn't having any of it.  The rules were in the httpd.ini file which sat in the root of the site- the syntax of the rules was identical to other file's we had used on other sites.  After much head scratching Paul suggested it might be the encoding of the file- we opened it in Notepad and went to save as and changed the file from the default "UTF" to "ANSI" encoding and everything started working!

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SQL Server truncate log

The command line syntax for truncating the SQL log’s once they are full!


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OS X commands

An A-Z Index of the Apple OS X command line

via OS X commands.

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