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MySQL Backup & Restore

I did this on an install of MySQL 5 Community Server running on Windows 2008 Server Web Edition- From the command line- backup:

mysqldump -u [username] -p[password] [database name] > FILE.sql


mysql -u [username] -p[password] [database name] < FILE.sql

Remember; if you have restored your core mysql database, which contains all the info on users and privileges, you will need to do a


before you will be able to login using those user accounts!

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Web site’s back!

Just a quick note to say everything is back up and running after the past 24 hours worth of downtime. I’ve rebuilt the server here with a fresh install of windows server 2008 and the latest releases of php for IIS and MySQL5, as well as a whole new backup plan.

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Karma, now available on iTunes!

My first published iPhone app, “Karma” is now available on the iTunes store

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Submitted “Karma” to Apple for approval

I’ve just submitted my second ever iPhone app to apple for approval- you can find details of the app on the dedicated Karma iPhone app support page on my new iPhone projects site.

I shall post again once it’s been accepted (hopefully!)


Cocos2d documentation on Easing effects for animating sprites

just found this ; after ages of searching! shows you how to do smooth scrolling movements which ease out.

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Full Text Reindex, scheduled job has no steps!

We have a SQL Server 2005 box, on which we have a database which has a full text index. The database gets a massive refresh of its data each night, meaning the full text index needs rebuilding. I added a schedule to my full text index (Databases > [DBName] > Storage > Full Text Catalogs > Right click your index – click properties > Population Schedule) and this created me a new job (SQL Server Agent > Jobs) but when i opened it up and went to steps, nothing was there!  If i tried running the job it would fail because there are no steps!

I found this as a documented bug in the initial release candidate of sql 2005 (since fixed in the service packs) on the microsoft connect site, and added a workaround – basically just add your own job, using the following sql (which i found on msdn) to rebuild your index;


Of course, this is only a workaround until we can get the latest service pack installed.

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