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8WeekGame – I Won!

Woo hoo! I won the very first 8weekgame competition with my HTML5/ Javascript rendition of Manic Miner named “Manic Spaceman”.

Hats off to both Martin & Gareth- I think we all did brilliantly to get a game smashed out in 8 weeks with no previous game development experience. The next competition kicks off in October (the 4th) where I will be joining the other guys to tackle some XNA! We will be free to produce any game we want this time round!

I’m on holiday for the next 3 weeks, returning mid-August when I shall complete the articles detailing the classes I wrote for Manic Spaceman, just incase anyone else wants to try doing something similar and needs some ideas!

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8WeekGame Competition Over – Vote Now!

The 8 week are over, and each of us has our game up and live for you to try out- pop over here to try them out and vote!

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Speed up your JavaScript : Video

Found a great video today giving JavaScript performance tips while researching last minute omtimisations for my Manic Spaceman game, being launched tommorow at the end of the 8weekgame competition! Check the video out here of a talk given by Google employee, Nicholas Zakas.

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Great HTML5 Canvas/ Chrome Demo sites

Found this today; loads of cool canvas experiments- geared towards google chrome but most run well in up to date firefox build.

Update: also worth a look in;

No Comments update panel’s and jQuery

I had a problem today with buttons in an update panel and jQuery- there are some buttons which get hidden or displayed depending on the user’s OS – mac or pc users basically get shown different instructions- However because these buttons are added by a partial post back of the update panel, the jQuery document.ready had already fired before these buttons existed.

So I experimented adding the code to the form.submit event but in the end found the solution on google; I simply added this;

<script type='text/javascript'>
function pageLoad(sender, args)
    // your code here..

This handles the pageLoad event raised by my update panel which is fired on the initial load and on the partial post back.  You can filter this to only fire on partial post back by adding  “if(args.get_isPartialLoad())”

Found this over on the .net Funda blog

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Just Won an MSDN Ultimate Subscription!!

I just won a competition, which in itself is quite amazing as i never win anything- but the prize is an MSDN Ultimate Subscription!!!  Checkout the announcment over on the Less Than Dot Blog!  Many thanks to Denis Gobo & Ted Krueger!

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