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MVC with MVVM using Knockout.js

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see “Creating an Order/ Order Details style view using MVC2 & Entity Framework 4″

So following on from my last MVC post I posed my question to Scott Hanselman himself via email, and he took the time to write me a very helpful response;

Interesting solution. Good job getting it working.
Take a look at maybe using some cleaner JS on the client…check out my last podcast on Knockout and check out this demo:
The pod cast he’s refering to is here.  The contacts editor example he pointed me to is exactly what I’m trying to do here.  This implementation would totally resolve my issue as you are no longer binding directly to the entity framework objects- I could instead create simple cut down DTO’s for the sale and it’s associated sale lines and serialise it to JSON then use Knockout (an open source javascript library which deals with clientside binding of UI elements to a data structure, like your ViewModel represented as JSON) to deal with all the client-side binding and editing before posting the data back as JSON.  I shall post again once I have something up and working.