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nodejs debugging with node-inspector on windows

I recently started learning nodejs- the recommended debugging tool seems to be node-inspector. You can grab and install this using npm (the command line node package manager- like nuget for node), making it available to all your projects;

npm install -g node-inspector

Once npm has worked it’as magic, you start node inspector by simply typing node-inspector into the command line- then start your project in node, with the debug flag;

node --debug myfile.js

If all runs as planned, you can then hit the browser on http://localhost:8080/debug?port=5858, as mentioned in the docs.

However when I started node-inspector I received an error;
info - started
warn - error raised: Error: listen EACCES

After some fiddling, I found that changing the default port from 8080 to something else (I chose 124 at random) fixed this issue- I just then had to use the url http://localhost:124/debug?port=5858. This is because I foolishly forgot I have an instance of IIS on my local box which uses this port- a handy find though as I couldn’t find any help online fixing this issue.