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Mobile HTML5 Offline app links

I’m looking at writing some apps I did on the iPhone a while ago (the first of which will be Karma) to be mobile html5 offline accessible apps, using html5 audio/ canvas etc- so I’ll use this post to collect some useful links for research;

Also decided to use this as an opportunity to mess with nodejs, using one of the “nosql” db platforms;

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Creating stretchy “9 patch” buttons in Android

Very cool button standard used in Android for creating flexible buttons – also has a little wysiwyg editor, tucked away in the SDK folder;


Useful Android development resouce

Just googled onto this site which is an awesome resource if you’re new to Android- lots of code examples of common (and not so common) tasks!

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Android app will not fill the screen on Tablet

I’m just starting my first Android app, which allows users to draw to the screen. So accomplish this, I’m not using a normal xml layout file which is then “rehydrated”, but instead I’ve just created a class which inherits from View which deals with drawing the user input to the screen. I fired up a new project in IntelliJ IDEA and created my view and the classes which would run the app based on the html5 canvas/javascript prototype I’d put together a little while earlier. Everything worked well except the application only filled about a quarter of the screen when run on my Xoom tablet, despite me not actually having specified any screen sizes or limitations.

The solution, after some googling, was fairly simple- in the manifest you need to specify the minSdkVersion to be at least 4, as prior to this, varying screen sizes was not supported. I added the following to the bottom of my manifest file;

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion=”4″ />


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