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Transparent CSS Sprites – Smashing Magazine

If you are familiar with CSS Sprites, you should be able to grasp this twist relativ

via Transparent CSS Sprites – Smashing Magazine.

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WhatTheFont! « MyFonts

Awesome tool which allows you to upload a sample image containing text, and the site will try to figure out what font was used!

WhatTheFont! « MyFonts.

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A List Apart: Articles: Testing Accordian Forms

Interesting article on web form layout, and how to make complex data collection tasks less painful for your users.

via A List Apart: Articles: Testing Accordian Forms.

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New site launch-

Juts launched a new portfolio site for my girlfriend, – This is just the first phase with a few more features and a bunch of extra contact to be added in the coming weeks, but we needed to get it up ASAP so she can apply for a design course in London!

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Colour Picking Website colour picker tool colour picker tool

Tash showed me quite a cool site, thought of more use to designers than developers- it’s – this shows you premade palettes of colours which owrk together, and also has a clever flash tool allowing you to create your own palette’s while offering you some guidance.

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