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TomWhitson » iTunes connect tax

Found this article detailing how to setup the itunes connect tax form (W-8BEN) for a individual developer based in the UK.

TomWhitson » iTunes connect tax.

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OS X commands

An A-Z Index of the Apple OS X command line

via OS X commands.

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MORE iPhone links

I’m currently down with man-flu, however have found the next tutorial to have a go with when I’m back – on iCodeBlog is a multi-part tutorial taking you through building your own iphone tennis app!  I shall update this post as i find other stuff

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iPhone Hello World! (and other iPhone dev links!)

My very first iPhone App!  Good tutorial to help you actually get your hands dirty! – the same site also hs a bunch of other iphone tutorials which are worth a look and i shall be attempting over the coming days..

First iPhone Application – iPhone SDK Articles.

Some good video tutorials for starting out with iphone development

Christo’s iPhone Dev Page.

A useful beginners guide for iPhone development which I’m about to embark on! eek!

Trails in the Sand » Blog Archive iPhone Development: Objective-C Primer ».

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