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Finally, proper browser support for WebGL thanks to Google Chrome!

Google released Google Chrome v9 a few days ago with native WebGL support- no more having to hack around hidden browser settings, WebGL will now work, out of the box, on one of the “main stream” browsers.

In light of this I’m doing a round up a bunch of WebGL 3d engines available at the moment (which I shall put up here when I’m done) to help me select which engine to use as the base for my next 8weekgame competition entry. I think I shall stick with the re-make of Desert Strike, but will be moving away from the original XNA I started out with, to make it totally web based (No flash plugins!) like my previous submission, Manic Spaceman

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Microsoft Creators Club – Premium Account Cancellation- Microsofts best kept secret!

So I signed up for an Microsoft creators club account a while back and it just auto-renewed. I’ve not used it for a while so figured I would cancel it from robbing me of any more money! I hopped over to their site at and after an hour of hunting through EVERY part of that site, and various forums posts with other people complaining of the same thing which pointed me to a bunch of “Account Cancellation” links which all ended in “Oops, this page has been moved!”. I was even directed to which acknowledged the fact that I had this £30 payment going out every 4 months; I clicked on the row and then clicked to disable the service, which brings up a bunch of links to various websites, but nothing about the creators club!? So, the site basically told me what I already knew, and did nothing to help solve the problem.

I eventually came across a forum post which pointed me in the direction of a contact form: Upon completing the forum I was redirected to the app creator home page- no “thank you, we will get back to you” page, so now I can only wait and hope that someone actually picks up my mail!


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