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Visually build XPath using “Sketch Path”

Paul found an awesome tool fopr visually parsing XML files and building XPath statements, called Sketch Path available for download here

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Quick XML serialisation of an object..

Quick code snippet for taking a serialisable object, serialising to XMl then spitting out a string for you to write out to a debug log or something- i used this for spitting back the responses I was getting from a web service call i was making

            StringBuilder sb_xml = new StringBuilder();
            XmlSerializer s = new XmlSerializer( typeof( Hachette.Checkout.Vista.Stock.ProductStockLiteResultResponse ) );
            StringWriter w = new StringWriter(sb_xml);
            s.Serialize(w, ws_response);
            Response.Write("<!-- Response = " + sb_xml + " -->");

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Web Services Debugging with Fiddler 2

We have a bunch of e-commerce web services available here and we have the envyable task of supporting numerous third party developers using a plethora of different languages, which often don’t have native support for SOAP web services, meaning they have to hand craft their SOAP calls. Seeing that we are totally dot net, we only ever interface with our services using the proxy classes generated from the WSDL files by the .net framework so when they send us reams of XML with a few question marks it’s difficult for us to diagnose the fault.

Fiddler2 Web Service SOAP Debugging

Fiddler2 Web Service SOAP Debugging

The answer I’ve found is to use Fiddler2 which is a HTTP sniffer application which monitors all your HTTP traffic and allows you to inspect whats going on. So fire up fiddler2 FIRST, then fireup your test application (which generates the web service calls), place a call and watch it being logged on fiddler.

It’s imperative that you start Fiddler FIRST though or it won’t hook in and capture your SOAP calls!

You can download Fiddler 2 from here

As you can see from the screen shot on the right, the outgoing request is shown in the top right pane, and the response in the bottom right.

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