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Finally, proper browser support for WebGL thanks to Google Chrome!

Google released Google Chrome v9 a few days ago with native WebGL support- no more having to hack around hidden browser settings, WebGL will now work, out of the box, on one of the “main stream” browsers.

In light of this I’m doing a round up a bunch of WebGL 3d engines available at the moment (which I shall put up here when I’m done) to help me select which engine to use as the base for my next 8weekgame competition entry. I think I shall stick with the re-make of Desert Strike, but will be moving away from the original XNA I started out with, to make it totally web based (No flash plugins!) like my previous submission, Manic Spaceman

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More Manic Spaceman (8weekgame) documentation done

I promised I would, and I’m finally getting round to documenting the rest of the classes I wrote for my javascript platformer I built for the 8weekgame competition, as well as putting up the sourcecode. There’s still a few more to do, which I shall bash out through the course of the rest of the week. Check them out at

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Transparent CSS Sprites – Smashing Magazine

If you are familiar with CSS Sprites, you should be able to grasp this twist relativ

via Transparent CSS Sprites – Smashing Magazine.

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Flash floating over the top of my div!

We had this problem recently using thickbox- the screen would go dark and the popup div would appear, however in the background an embedded youtube video floating above the darkened background.

This is easy to fix- just add an extra parameter to your object embed- eg;

<object width="330" height="203" style="width: 330px; height: 203px;" data=";amp;hl=en_GB&amp;amp;rel=0&amp;amp;border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

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A List Apart: Articles: Testing Accordian Forms

Interesting article on web form layout, and how to make complex data collection tasks less painful for your users.

via A List Apart: Articles: Testing Accordian Forms.

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8WeekGame – I Won!

Woo hoo! I won the very first 8weekgame competition with my HTML5/ Javascript rendition of Manic Miner named “Manic Spaceman”.

Hats off to both Martin & Gareth- I think we all did brilliantly to get a game smashed out in 8 weeks with no previous game development experience. The next competition kicks off in October (the 4th) where I will be joining the other guys to tackle some XNA! We will be free to produce any game we want this time round!

I’m on holiday for the next 3 weeks, returning mid-August when I shall complete the articles detailing the classes I wrote for Manic Spaceman, just incase anyone else wants to try doing something similar and needs some ideas!

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Great HTML5 Canvas/ Chrome Demo sites

Found this today; loads of cool canvas experiments- geared towards google chrome but most run well in up to date firefox build.

Update: also worth a look in;

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Couple of interesting news items today

Couple of bits I spotted in the news today that I though warranted posting;

I’m particularly interested in the IE9 release 3 to test it out with the html5/ javascript game I’m building for the 8 week game competition

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Google Font API

Just stumbled across the Google Font API- it’s a (at the moment) small directory of open source fonts hosted by google which can be used on your website via their font API. Looking at the quick start it just seems to be a matter of adding an include to your page, then referencing the fonts in your css, like you would any other font. Clever stuff!

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Mac Safari Web Developer Tools (inc javascript debugging!)

make sure you don’t have safari running, then go to the terminal window and type;

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

You will have a new menu when you launch safari entitled “develop” in safari 5, and “debug” i believe in earlier versions.

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