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Open Windows Firewall ports for SQL Server 2008

As noted in the article, you can run this batch file;

@echo =========  SQL Server Ports  ===================
@echo Enabling SQLServer default instance port 1433
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 1433 "SQLServer" 
@echo Enabling Dedicated Admin Connection port 1434
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 1434 "SQL Admin Connection" 
@echo Enabling conventional SQL Server Service Broker port 4022  
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 4022 "SQL Service Broker" 
@echo Enabling Transact-SQL Debugger/RPC port 135 
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 135 "SQL Debugger/RPC" 
@echo =========  Analysis Services Ports  ==============
@echo Enabling SSAS Default Instance port 2383
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 2383 "Analysis Services" 
@echo Enabling SQL Server Browser Service port 2382
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 2382 "SQL Browser" 
@echo =========  Misc Applications  ==============
@echo Enabling HTTP port 80 
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 80 "HTTP" 
@echo Enabling SSL port 443
netsh firewall set portopening TCP 443 "SSL" 
@echo Enabling port for SQL Server Browser Service's 'Browse' Button
netsh firewall set portopening UDP 1434 "SQL Browser" 
@echo Allowing multicast broadcast response on UDP (Browser Service Enumerations OK)
netsh firewall set multicastbroadcastresponse ENABLE 

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Command Line- create a folder named with todays date

mkdir %date:~-4,4%%date:~-7,2%%date:~0,2%
will produce a folder named like this; YYYYMMDD

Thanks to Mr Carmichael for this..

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Command line to delete every file older than 30 days

I found a new command line directive i’d never heard of today, along with a brilliant example of it’s use- once you have changed your working directory, running this will remove any files or folders older than 30 days;

FORFILES /D -30 /C "CMD /C IF @isdir==FALSE (echo Deleting File @file) & (ATTRIB -H @file) & (DEL /F /Q @file) ELSE (echo Deleting Directory @file) & (ATTRIB -H @FILE) & (RD /S /Q @FILE)"

As an example, I’ve since used this to iterate over a bunch of folders, deleting any files over 30 days;

for /f "delims=|" %%f in ('dir /b D:\_SQL_Backup\') DO (
  cd \_SQL_Backup
  cd %%f
  FORFILES /D -14 /C "CMD /C IF @isdir==FALSE (echo Deleting File @file) & (ATTRIB -H @file) & (DEL /F /Q @file)"

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Umbraco Installation – folder permissions setup

Just a real quick batch script i knocked up which sets the appropriate permissions to the various folders in the root of a fresh umbraco install- just drop this into a batch file, and run it from the root of your umbraco install;

REM 2009.10.22 SY - Set permissions- user/ folders from "Install Umbraco 4 on Windows Vista" guide
icacls app_code /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls bin /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls config /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls css /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls data /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls masterpages /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls media /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls python /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls scripts /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls umbraco /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls usercontrols /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)
icacls xslt /grant "Network Service":(OI)(CI)(F)

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Command line Batch File to Remove Direcories, using a Wild Card!

We have a bunch of web services which log details of requests that come in, in folders named using the current date- in the format YYYY-MM-DDD-HH-MM-SS. I wanted to produce a simple cleanup batch file which we could run every month to bin all logs for transactions which happened 3 months ago- using the dos commands which exist on Windows Server 2003.

The dos “del” command allows you to delete using wild cards – so for example “dev 2009-07-*” would erase any files starting with “2009-07-”; However this doesn’t work with folders- so it fell to the rd (remove directory) command- but this doesn’t support wild cards (I’m assuming for safety- to stop you permanently erasing 100′s of folders and their contents accidently- remember there’s no recycle bin when you delete from the command line!).

To get around this I created a simple Batch file which accepted a wildcard as a parameter, then removes all those folders at the current level (it wont check recursivly). Just in case this is of use to anyone else, here’s the code;

REM - performs a remove directory, with wildcard matching - example ; rd-wildcard 2007-*
dir %1 /b >loglist.txt
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /f %%a in (./loglist.txt) do ( 
	rd /s /q %%a
del /q loglist.txt


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