Google Code Highlighter

You may have noticed that the little snippets of code I’ve been dropping into these post’s suddenly got a bit swankier looking. This is down to a new javascript tool I found for use on blogs and the like, for highlighting code you post on your pages.

Basically you download the zip file- unzip it and copy the javascripts and css files over, then add a few lines of code to the head of your page;

You then put your code in-between >pre< tags and set a name attribute to “code” and set the class to whatever syntax you have- it has support for a whole bunch of languages including c#, vb, php, javascript, css, sql and a whole bunch of others. You can grab this plug-in from here

The install was easy- but a couple of bits did catch me out- the code sample above was the example they give you in the install page. So I blindly copied over this code to the head of my blog, and copied all the files from the zip file over to my sites js and css folders. I found that html highlighting worked fine and so did c# but vb and sql weren’t happening… It eventually clicked that you need to add the references to the additional syntax types you need as the example only has a line for the CS and XML/HTML “brush” libraries. So I popped those lines in and it worked fine.

The other problem that I had, and indeed still have until I get home to actually edit the code, is compatibility with TinyMCE which is the editor used by default in BlogEngine. I found a couple of articles which might help with this but won’t know till tonight;

As mentioned on the Wiki pages there is also the issue that adding a name value to a pre tag, isn’t valid xhtml.

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