Making your WCF Service compatible with legacy .net 1.1 applications

I’m building an error tracking service which all our future web project will report to, so we can track and tag all our various systems problems from one place- this is currently done with email which is a bit of a nightmare!

According to Microsoft, traditional ASMX web services are now considered “Legacy technology” (!) so I thought I would buite the bullet and build the new services using WCF.

This was fairly painless until I tried to consume the web service in some old .net 1.1 web apps- when trying to add the web reference I received this error message;

Web Custom tool warning: DiscoCodeGenerator unable to initialize code generator.  No code generated.

I found a great article over on the MSDN – and all it takes is a small change to the web.config, fiddling with, my old friend, the httpBindings.

I had to swap out the default bindings put in by .net;

        <endpoint address="" binding="wsHttpBinding" contract="HachetteErrorTracker.IErrorLog">
						<dns value="localhost"/>

For this one;

           binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingNamespace="http://errortracker.localhost/"

How to: Configure WCF Service to Interoperate with ASP.NET Web Service Clients.

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