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My "Psycho" face!

Welcome to my new blog!  I’m a web developer so i will be using this to post anything useful or interesting that i discover during the daily grind that may be useful
in the future and that i don’t want to slip through my vice like memory.  Hopefully some of the stuff i note down can be useful to you, assuming I actually remember to keep posting content in this one as I’m usually awful at these things.

The blog platform I’m using is, recommended from a colleague at work- it’s running on IIS7 under windows 2008 web edition on my web server at home.   This seem’s to be a good dot net alternative to the popular PHP blog platform, WordPress which is the main one I’ve user up until now.  BlogEngine has a couple of nice features, one being the ability to use XML as your primary data store so you don’t have to use SQL Server.  Everything installed easy in just a few minutes following Al Nyveldt’s screen cast; I grabbed one of their default skin’s and was able to mod it to my needs, far easier than i could with wordpress, and i was done.

I did have one issue during setup where I kept getting 404 error’s when trying to view any of the pages or posts created through the system.  I found an article on the blog engine discussion boards over at codeplex which solved the problem for me.  I had the application running in an application pool using the integrated pipeline, but i should have been using classic.  The incompatibility is due to the way IIS7 expects the web.config file to be structured when using the integrated pipeline.  As the post points out, you just have to switch it to use classic, you can then run a tool to convert the web.config file over, then switch the site to run back using integrated again.  The syntax for the tool is;

%systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\APPCMD.EXE migrate config "BlogSiteName/"

Aside from that, so far so good!

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