Permissions problems with WordPress on PHP5/IIS7 (Windows Server 2008 SP2) with FastCGI

I recently rebuilt a Windows 2008 server and set it up with PHP5 and FastCGI under IIS7 for a bunch of word press blogs. I came to the end of the install and was setting rights to the wp-content folders so people could upload attachments, but ran into some troubles.  I dunno if this changed because of Service Pack 2, but I found I now have to assign the rights, not to “Network Service” which is the Identity of the app pools, and not to “ISS_IUSRS” group, but to an account simply called “IUSR”.  I’m sure previously i just assigned permission to the network service account?  And surly IUSR would be a member of IIS_IUSR’s by default?  I dunno!  Anyway I had to use procmon to monitor the requests and see which account was actually being used.

So to conclude; You need to give modify permissions to the wp_content folder, to the IUSR user and the user your App Pool runs as (eg; ‘IIS APPPool\’)

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    God bless you past Shaw. Just saved me bit of Googling!

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