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Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2003/5 and Front Page Extensions!

We recently got new machines at work with Vista installed, allowing us to use IIS7, which has the added benefit of being able to run more than one site on the local IIS (unlike our previous IIS6 Win XP boxes)

When installing the various incarnations of visual studio to enable me to support some of our legacy app’s I came across a problem when installing Visual Studio 2003. One of the pre-requisites is front page extensions which are no longer shipped with Windows in Vista- the solution was a version of the extensions made by ready to run software which is actually linked to from the Official IIS Site (the article is named “FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for IIS 7.0″ incase you have to use the site search, after another of microsoft’s random url switch around’s they’re so fond of) -you can grab the install from here :

Once you’ve run the installer, make sure you execute the following from the command line to activate them for your default website otherwise the .net installer still won’t recognise that you have them installed;

 owsadm.exe –o install 


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